Kobo Executive Team

Michael Tamblyn - President and CEO

Michael Tamblyn

President and CEO

Michael is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Rakuten Kobo. Driving growth, profitability and international expansion in a fiercely competitive market, he combines a passion for reading with a deep focus on the hardware and software experiences that can make a customer’s reading life better. A passionate and engaging presenter and commentator, Michael speaks internationally on digital media, publishing and mobile technology and has been featured in The New Yorker, Wired, Canadian Business, National Post, Globe and Mail and The New York Times. Additionally, he oversees Rakuten's other eReading businesses including OverDrive, the world leader in ebook services for libraries, and Aquafadas, a world leader in interactive publishing. Michael has been a part of Rakuten Kobo’s executive team since its inception in 2009, and previously held the role of Chief Content Officer.

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Prior to joining Kobo, Michael was the founding CEO of the supply chain agency, BookNet Canada and co-founded Canada’s first online bookstore, Bookshelf.ca, purchased by Indigo Books & Music in 1998 to create Indigo.ca, where he served as VP of Online Operations.

Michael holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario.

Trevor Hunter - Chief Technology Officer

Trevor Hunter


Trevor is the Chief Technology Officer at Rakuten Kobo, and is responsible for the innovative technology behind all facets of Kobo’s world-class eReading service. He oversees the engineering practice that holds quality and innovation in high regard, while always keeping the key focus on what customers want and need in a digital reading ecosystem. Previously, Trevor held the role of Enterprise Architect at Rakuten Kobo, where he devised actionable strategies to support the company’s business goals by employing best practices, while ensuring development and operational reliability for internet-scale architectures.

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Prior to joining Rakuten Kobo, Trevor held various roles at Infusion, where he grew his experience as a trusted advisor through his work across a diverse set of verticals including retail, travel & hospitality, and financial services.

Trevor holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Ulster.

Alan MacNevin - CMO & EVP

Alan MacNevin


Alan is the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President at Rakuten Kobo, and is responsible for brand, the customer lifecycle, customer loyalty, and oversees the Big Data and CRM organizations. He has unparalleled knowledge about Rakuten Kobo’s customers, and focuses on the customer relationship from acquisition to retention.

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Alan also serves as Chief Strategy Officer of OverDrive, Inc. based in Cleveland, Ohio.  OverDrive is the world’s leader in ebook lending in partnership with more than 30,000 public libraries and schools.  

Prior to joining Kobo, he held marketing positions at Chapters Online, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and Bell Mobility. Most recently, Alan served on the executive team at Sirius Satellite Radio as VP, CRM, where he was also a founding member of the management team for the Canadian organization.

Brad Jackson - EVP Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Brad Jackson

EVP Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Brad 擔任供應鏈和製造部門 (Supply Chain and Manufacturing) 的執行副總裁 (Executive Vice President)。他在該角色中負責監督銷售營運並領導全球供應鏈的所有項目,其中包含預測、供應商管理、庫存、成本管理、配銷與規範。他監督所有業務流程,以有效支援 Rakuten Kobo 的全球拓展和配銷需求,同時提升其靈活度並降低成本。

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在 20 年的職業生涯中,Brad 擁有豐富的科技、供應鏈、產品製造和策略性業務發展等經驗。他奠定了紮實的執行領導專業基礎,並橫跨設計、工程、製造營運、業務發展、銷售、行銷、策略和創新等領域。他致力於增加顧客價值與推動優異的業務成長,並透過一致的策略願景、創新、具洞悉基礎的銷售,以及分析和解決問題技巧的應用等方式來確保組織的成功。

Brad 擁有舒立客商學院 (Schulich School of Business) 企業管理碩士學位以及皇后大學 (Queen’s University) 電子工程、電腦和微電子學榮譽理學士學位。

Pieter Swinkels - EVP, Publisher Relations and Content

Pieter Swinkels

EVP, Publisher Relations and Content

Pieter is the Executive Vice President, Publisher Relations and Content and is responsible for managing Rakuten Kobo’s global publisher relations team for ebooks and magazines. In his role, he oversees publisher relationships, acquisition, publisher operations and Kobo Writing Life, Kobo’s independent publishing business.

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Pieter joined Rakuten Kobo in 2011 and was formerly Vice President, Publisher Relations and Merchandising for non-English territories.

Before joining the company, Pieter worked in the international publishing industry, most recently as Publisher and Vice Director at De Bezige Bij (The Busy Bee) in Amsterdam. He holds an MA in English Literature from the University of Amsterdam and MPhil in Anglo-Irish Literature from Trinity College, Dublin.

Dave Anderson - EVP, Content Sales

Dave Anderson

EVP, Content Sales

Dave 擔任 Rakuten Kobo 內容銷售業務部門 (Content Sales) 的執行副總裁 (Executive Vice President)。管理一個全球團隊,內容涵蓋近 20 個國家的當地採購和潛在客戶名單,並負責提高全球電子書業務的營收和利潤。Dave 監督採購、促銷和定價以及內容分析,並與客戶關係管理 (CRM) 和大數據團隊 (Big Data teams) 密切合作以最佳化 Kobo 提供的服務,同時確保每一位顧客都能以理想價格找到喜愛的書籍。

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Dave 於 2011 年加入 Kobo,並曾擔任 English territories 出版商關係與採購部門 (Publisher Relations and Merchandising) 的副總裁 (Vice President)。

加入 Kobo 前,Dave 曾是 Accentur 的管理顧問,專門負責零售營運與國際行銷拓展。而在 Accenture 之前,Dave 有七年的 Indigo Books & Music Inc. 工作經驗,並負責供應鏈、庫存管理和分類規劃等領域。Dave 擁有西安大略大學商學院 (Ivey Business School) 企業管理碩士學位。

Pieter Swinkels - EVP, Publisher Relations and Content

Philip Cheng


Philip 擔任 Rakuten Kobo 的財務長 (Chief Financial Officer) 並負責策略規劃、業務案例評估、預算與預測系統、投資者關係、績效測量、資金、財務報表、會計、管理、風險與規範。Philip 是一位具策略性洞察力且經認證的領導者,並率先在組織內倡導財務規劃與報表設備,自 2011 年起協助引領公司早期成長與擴張階段。

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加入 Rakuten Kobo 前,Philip 擔任 Indigo Books & Music Inc. 的內部稽核總監 (Director of Internal Audit),並於此期間透過財務報表制定了針對內部控制的加拿大規範計畫。而在 Indigo 之前,Philip 有五年的 KPMG LLP 工作經歷,在專業保險實務領域中專攻技術、電信、娛樂和零售與配銷產業。

Philip 擁有美國註冊會計師資格 (CPA)、特許會計師頭銜、滑鐵盧大學 (University of Waterloo) 會計碩士學位和會計研究榮譽文學士學位。