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Benefits of Kobo's Affiliate Program

  • 5% Commission on eBooks

  • 10% Commission on Devices & Accessories

  • 14-day cookie tracking

  • New creative collateral each month, including banners, coupons, and more

  • Regional data feeds and API access

  • Dedicated affiliate network and Kobo account management

  • Global presence with mass media and partnership support

  • Hi-growth industry with above average EPCs

  • Secure third-party tracking, monthly payments, real-time reporting

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For other European countries or any other inquiries, contact us at [email protected].

Why Partner With Kobo?

Partnering with Kobo is a great way to get involved in the exciting world of eReading. At Kobo, we're inspired by passion for reading. This passion is the basis and the driving force behind our innovation and inspiration.

我們對閱讀充滿熱情,正因為如此,我們的足跡遍布全球 190 多個國家/地區,擁有數百萬名讀者。這份熱情也促使我們建立起開放原始碼平台,為讀者提供閱讀機會。讀者可在任何裝置上盡情閱讀,包括 Kobo eReader、平板電腦、智慧型手機、電腦或支援我們免費應用程式的任何裝置。同樣,也是這份熱情,驅使著我們策劃出世界上最大的電子書目錄之一,其中包含超過 5 百萬本書籍,而且此數字還在不斷增加。

Passion is what leads us to cultivating a borderless world and putting an end to geographical constraints. Headquartered in Toronto and owned by Tokyo-based Rakuten, Kobo is the eReading company with international reach.

Most importantly, Kobo is about community. Kobo is Facebook's exclusive reading partner, where readers can share their reviews and favourite passages, with Reading Life and Kobo Pulse. The book club has come out of the living room and onto the Internet.

Partner with Kobo and share in the passion for reading above all else.